Multiprotocol access of files

Suppose you have some files on a SMB file server but would like to give access to NFS clients as well, instead of just the SMB clients. How would you go about it? There is a way to do that. I tried this on a Windows 2008 server. I am sure this is supported in the latest versions of Windows server too like 2012 but the dialog boxes might look a bit different from what I have here.

The following are the steps that I followed in order to enable NFS on an SMB share from Windows server –

Go to “Server Manager” and in that choose “Roles” and then “File services”. Then click “Add role services” and add/install “Services for Network File System” role service.

Once this service was successfully installed, you can probably map a share from an SMB file server (I have not tried this yet). You can enable NFS sharing on a Windows drive. You can also set the authentication required – whether you need Kerberos authentication etc. You can also specify the NFS share permissions – users who are allowed to access and the permissions they have.


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